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TLSC's expert styling tips for compact apartments

In the midst of decorating your new apartment and thinking that you want it all and you want it now ? We love your enthusiasm. We're enthusiastic too. However, when creating interiors for small(er) apartments, some constraints are inevitable. Do not worry: at TSLC we know how to make small spaces shine. Here's how.

1. Create a spacious feeling with wall sconces: wall lighting is magic, because it's much more that just light. You can light the walls of your apartment horizontally or vertically depending on how you want to broaden the room. The direction of the light beams generates an optical broadening of your walls. It's no hocus-pocus. Just let the wall light(s) shine and create an airy and lush atmosphere inside your cosy apartment.

2. Try irregular things: a cowhide carpet, an irregular formed table or a crooked vintage chair. They're all perfect things to broaden your interior horizon. That's because they create an asymmetrical flow of the room which will make it appear much more spacious.

Photo Courtesy of XVL table Victoria

3. Keep your furniture off the ground: choose for sofas on legs. So you and your guests will be able to look underneath it and visually perceive the room in its entirety. This will optically enlarge the room. Do the same for closets and other furniture elements. Your small apartment will, so to speak, grow in space within the blink of an eye.

4. Transparency is king/queen: choose interior elements that are transparent. That can be a glass table, a set of trendy chairs in transparent acrylic or a standing lamp with a see-through design. In that way you are literally unblocking the view when looking through the room(s).

5. Play with materials and textures: by playing with several kinds of materials, textures and surfaces, you enrich your interior significant. It creates not only cosiness but gives also a certain tension which results into a luxurious and stylish feeling.

Photo Courtesy of Eric Kuster

6. Divide your spaces: sometimes all you have is one big space to spruce up your apartment. However, this does not withhold you to create different zones in order to divide the space. Use a see-through bookcase on wheels or use the back of a sofa to divide your living space into a living space/eating area. A classy room divider can do miracles too.

7. Orient your space(s) vertically: You may not have square space on surplus in your apartment, but you can still make the most of it by going vertical. That means vertical book cases, a design ladder against the wall or a beautiful vertical painting, ... Just let your imagination run wild and search to create height inside your apartment. You'll be amazed of the result you'll get instantly when you start to think vertically while decorating your apartment.

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