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The egg of wholeness

An egg is full of symbolism. It brings hope and purity. It is a symbol of fertility and the circle of life. Ancient traditions used to link the egg to the creation of the universe, suggesting that the earth itself may have been born out of an egg. Artist Elena Diaco Mayer takes that significance one step further and makes it into an object of art with a timeless message.

© Photo Courtesy of @TLSCExperience Flat by Elena Diaco Mayer

Unhatched potential

The egg has always held particular symbolic significance, partly because it not only is a visual cue for new life and unhatched potential. The egg also brings hope and purity. The Italian artist Elena Diaco Mayer uses eggs as a spheric canvas to bring to life mesmerizing sutras. If you've visited the, you surely are familiar with Elena's artwork since we feature it with great pleasure on our website and in our webshop.

Deeply rooted

Sutras (सूत्र,) are rooted deeply into the Indian literary traditions. They refer to aphorisms that are brought to life by condensed, calligraphic texts. Consider them as ancient and medieval Indian texts found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Elena Diaco Mayer supremises that idea by writing those sutras on asymmetrical egg shapes. The fact that she uses those seamlessly perfect spherical shapes to write down ancient sacral sutras is no coincidence.

© Photo Courtesy of @TLSCExperience Flat by The LifeStyle Concept

Free of ego

For Elena Diaco the circle represents the gesture made in the absence of the ego. And what else is an egg than an infinite circular form ? Only by freeing oneself from one's ego, does one enter into harmony with wholeness and can do something, finally free from the desire to achieve an end. Drawing circular elements or writing on circular elements therefore has a double value: that of a cognitive catharsis where art is merely an expression of the absence of the ego and wholeness is self evident.

Total connectedness

One look at the mystical egg shapes made by Elena Diaco Mayer and we were sold at TLSC. At first sight, you could consider them as precious must haves. Like Fabergé eggs. But they're not. They are completely loose vis à vis materialism. They are pure canvases without beginning or end. They have no form to seduce or to show off neither do they indulge in luxury of pompousness. They merely depict eternity with universal, timeless writings. Looking at the eggs (an the scriptures on them) is almost like looking at a universe in total connectedness.

© Photo Courtesy of @TLSCExperience Flat by Elena Diaco Mayer

Form is emptiness

One of the eggs has 'The Maha Prajna Paramita Heart' sutra on it. It says: "Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form. So in emptiness there is no form. No sensation, conception, discrimination, awareness." That's what makes the Elena Diaco Mayers egg creations so superb and complete. Did you know that you can discover them over at TLSC ? Just give us a call or send us an e-mail an we'll be happy to tell you everything about the magical universe of the Elena Diaco Mayers' eggs. You'll be amazed. Promised.

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