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5 magnificent garden design tips for an instant holiday feeling!

Updated: May 10, 2021

At TLSC we love projects where interior and exterior intersect and strengthen each other. Therefore the TLSC webshop features a beautiful selection of life size trees and plants to embellish your personal indoor or outdoor spaces. What better time than springtime to jump right in and get started ? These 5 tips will get you going in no time when it comes to ultimate garden decoration.

Choose life size trees and plants: don't plant little olive- or palm trees. It will take eternity to grow them into a decent size. Instead, choose medium to large sized specimen and let them be delivered to your home straight away. A bit more costly perhaps, but on the other side: you can start enjoying your garden right away. It's worth the extra investment. For sure. And the good news is, that we can assist you with that. Check out our web shop!

Create symmetry: the desire for symmetry, for balance is rooted into human nature. Symmetry in form is like rhythm in music. It is one of the most inveterate of human instincts. Looking for a zen atmosphere in your garden ? Then always search to work in pairs. Two olive trees to adorn a lush patio. Four palm trees to flank a garden path. Or, why not, a line of cypress trees to create a lush and dynamic driving direction for your driveway.

Create shade compartments: nothing more distressing than a garden that has no shade. The solution: a descent size palm tree or palm trees that throw a cool and breezy shade onto your busy garden corners such as the outdoor kitchen or a lounge corner.

© Photo Courtesy by LEEM Wonen

Soften those edges: the most visible, and thus visually limiting, parts of your garden are in essence the contours. Nothing better than a line of citrus shrubs or -trees to give that opulent accent to the surroundings of your green paradise. Moreover, it will make your fences (almost) invisible and create an true sense of infinity. Even better: make sure that the shrubs or trees are higher than your garden fences. That sense of vastness will be even more prominent then.

Add a showstopper: have a rather descent sized garden ? Then put a large olive tree or fig tree right in the middle of it. Visually the eye is attracted to the monumental view of the tree. That in turn will make your garden look even larger than life. Moreover the olive tree serves as a huge shadow spot and creates a breeze which is ideal on hot summer days. If the cold sets in gradually and the air is dry, adult size olive trees are hardy down to -8 to -12°C. Don't take our word on it however. All depends on if it is a dry cold or not. Just to be sure, take protective measures and wrap them in a breathable packaging. Or if you can't, grow them in large pots or containers, on wheels, so you can move them easily to a safe, frost free space like a veranda.

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