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"To understand The LifeStyle Concept, you must experience it with whole your being."


And this is possible now! The apartment of The LifeStyle Concept, which is also the showroom, can be rented for short periods (max 1 week). The flat received a typical house style. Big windows with a lot of light, Dark walls to make it cosy, with works from the Italian artist Elena Diaco Mayer. Several textures and surfaces have been used to build up some tension.

What can you expect:


  • a fully equipped kitchen,

  • a furnitured terrace,

  • a king sized bed,

  • a K4 television with digital tv-channels

  • a Sonos soundbar,

  • a Nepsresso machine with cups

  • ,...


Several Belgian design brands have been applied such as XVL (furniture), axis71(lighting), Serax (deocration & cluttery), Dekocandle (decoration),....Everything what you need for a great stay...

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