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TLSC: taking interior design to new heights

At the essence interior design is not about space, furniture, lighting nor accessories. It's about passionated people that want to make a house into a refined home. Taking interior design to new heights therefore is the main mission of TLSC. Light or dark ? What's your choice ?

We don't like showboating but look at these two recently created TLSC interior renders for one of our customers. We just love them to pieces. They embody the quintessence of what we do at TLSC and where we stand for as an interior design brand. Creating interiors that surprise, move and innovate. They ooze the timeless, über elegant and worldly atmosphere for which TSLC is renown.

Dark tones form intimacy

Look at this dark render. That is the kind of interior we think of when working for clients in Belgium or the Netherlands for that matter. Its darker approach creates warmth, cosiness and intimacy. After all, the climate over here can be very fickle. Showers in the summer, freezing temperatures during wintertime. Our interiors at TLSC are able to resonate with the typical climatic conditions of a region. We always think of a house, home or interior as part of the bigger picture. It's almost as if the spaces we design become an extension of their surroundings.

© Photo Courtesy of an interior designed by The LifeStyle Concept; rendered by MATEO

Crisp and Mediterranean

Want some more light and airiness in your home ? Then check out our lighter render. Different interior, different colors. It has that crisp, sunny Mediterranean vibe to it. Because we know people and clients come in all sorts of tastes. It is well known that light tones can radically change the visually atmosphere of a space. Lightness and white tones have that pure, uplifting vibe. Even better: white hues reflect the light, illuminating a space and making it look more spacious. Ideal for the south side of your home. Or for your (vacation) home in the south. White or any other gentle clear base tone can bring all pieces of furniture and decor to a single stylistic solution. Which in turn creates harmony and tranquillity.

© Photo Courtesy of an interior designed by The LifeStyle Concept; rendered by Rendoo

Light tones for pureness

Moreover, as interior designers we try to look into the future. We can see or imagine things that are not yet there. We're not (interior) wizards. Well almost. (insert laugh here) That's the trick of the trade. The experience we carry with us. Just, like a chef who knows whether a dish is perfectly cooked just by looking at it. Dark tones create that sense of feeling that you belong where you are. They're a catalyst of a muted atmosphere that brings you into a state of Zen. Look at the chrome 'Grand Siècle' chandelier of Axis71 at the right. Isn't it gorgeous ? Goes perfectly well with the sofa 'Avenue' from XVL. Mesmerized by that diner table on the left ? Yep, XVL too. We're fans of the tight yet luscious design it radiates. Take a look in TLSC web shop to find out everything about it.

© Photo Courtesy of @TLSCExperience Flat made by SUPERSterk

Light versus dark

Ok, the main question. Light or dark interior ? Which is more practical and/or fashionable? Well, for each his own. Both options are a good choice and each choice has its (dis)advantages. The ability of walls in light hues is to visually expand the space. To our knowledge at TLSC this often appeals to small apartment owners or owners of compact houses. Even more interesting: choosing a light color can even stabilize temperature variations in a space. So choosing for light or dark is not solely aesthetic. It's also a functional choice. Not sure if it will be light or dark ? Just get in contact with TLSC and we will gladly have a chat with you about the different aspects and possibilities.

© Photo Courtesy of @TLSCExperience Flat made by SUPERSterk

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