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TLSC realizes its first interior total project in Antwerp

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The Lifestyle Concept (in short TLSC) has always been about the finer things in life. Interiors too. Interior design not just as a set of tables, chairs, beds and more but as an expression of a quintessential lifestyle. Interior/exterior in its purest form. When decorating houses or apartments, you've got to start somewhere. At TLSC we believe that that beginning is people/customers that truly believe in what we do. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Here it is: our first interior project in Antwerpen is a fact and we're very proud of it.

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There is a world of difference between dream and reality. However, The Lifestyle Concept (TLSC) founder and driving force Manu Linsler knew right from the start where he wanted TLSC to go. That paved the way for a daring company that envisions a completely new and totally different kind of indoor and outdoor experience. Bitten by the virus of interior, design and decoration, Manu Linsler went in search of the indispensable style that typifies TLSC today. A style that starts from feeling and serenity and translates into opulent interiors and exteriors.

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Feeling of peace and serenity

That philosophy results in the unmistakable style of TLSC that oozes a feeling of peace, serenity and an unmistakable feeling of being at home. That is also the case for the first TLSC project near the Antwerp Godefriduskaai, more specifically at the Tunnelplaats. The latter is a charming square close to one of the most vibrant areas in Antwerp, Het Eilandje. The Tunnelplaats was created after a breach was made in the city walls around 1840 with the aim of constructing the Rhine Railway to the Antwerp docks. The Rijnpoort was built on the site. When it subsequently was demolished in 1869, the square was extended to the Ankerrui. Nowadays, the Havn church, that flanks the Tunnelplaats, is a quiet witness of that passionate past. A passerel in the middle of a modern white building right in front of the Havn church takes guests to a relaxing patio with evergreen ornamental grasses. Guests quickly enter the TLSC universe through an elevator, bringing them to a compact apartment brimming with atmosphere and a cosy, modernistic terrace.

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

Lavish atmosphere

Upon entering the apartment, XVL's 'Arty' table immediately claims the guests' attention. The top in brown marble exudes a rich atmosphere without excess. The 'Gaby' chairs with a beech base create a perfect and warm contrast to the stylish natural stone table. Tea lights from DekoCandle complete the atmosphere at the table. TLSC has chosen to open up the space as much as possible. This is an absolute advantage, given the fairly compact total surface that had to be worked with. The oak plank floor makes walking barefoot in the apartment a sensory experience.

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Spacey feeling

The seating area is occupied by a generous seating element, also from XVL. The modular 'Avenue' sofa allows to create a cozy seating area for both compact interiors and spacious living areas. Therefore, it is suitable to generate warmth and comfort within different volumes. Also in this living area, a sea of Dekocandle tea lights provides the necessary warmth. The wall-to-ceiling windows in L-shape that flank the kitchen and living room provide a spacious feeling. From the living room, the visitor gets a view of the terrace, the surroundings, but also to the dining room with kitchen and the artworks of Elena Diaco Mayer. A cozy sitting area, as part of the living space, with the 'S71 Big' floor lamp, a design by Stephane Lebrun for Axis71, and the inviting 'Tornade' armchair by XVL allows guests to take a little time alone. Petite and refined, gracefully rounded and cleverly compact, the 'Tornade' façade chair fits into any room, without ever going unnoticed.

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A bit different

The stylish bedroom invites to spend time in bed, with a book for example. The box spring is the pièce de résistance, generously covered with bed linen softened with extracts of olive oil. Therefore, it should not come as no surprise that TLSC is always looking for those things that are just a wee bit different. Curtains in attractive velvet provide a sense of privacy and warmth while the Axis71 S71 'Medium' table lamps provide targeted mood lighting. On the ceiling, an Axis71 'Indian Summer' chandelier by Marzia Mosconi for Axis71 steals the show. TLSC wanted the bedroom to become an absolute resting point separated from the living and dining area. So no TV.

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Successful interior project

Therefore, it can be said that this is a successful interior project that bears the typical touch of TLSC as an interior designer, as an experienced partner for interior total solutions. Interested in a visit and meanwhile have a chat with us ? Feel free to give us a hello by e-mail or call for an appointment at +32 (0)472 04 54 11. We look forward seeing you.

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