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The Lifestyle Concept: all encompassing experience

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

People sometimes ask me what they should imagine themselves with The Lifestyle Concept. Summarized in one sentence: an ode to life as a total experience.

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Manu Linsler, founder of The Lifestyle Concept

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A taste of life

The Lifestyle Concept starts from the heart, is multi-layered and all encompassing. A house is more than just stacked stones, eating is more than a plate of food, clothing is more than something that keeps you warm and a (city) garden is more than a piece of greenery that lies next to your home or decorates your terrace. In short, The Lifestyle Concept wants to give you a holistic taste of life in all its facets with a lot of delicacy.

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Sensory experience

However, you can not pin The Lifestyle Concept down to special interior objects or quirky interior design and art, nor to landscape architecture, music or healthy living. Admire, for example, the Grand Siècle chandelier from Axis71 that we offer in The Lifestyle Concept webshop. A beautiful interior object that comes into its own in expressive interiors. It's not just lighting, it's a work of art. An ode to the art of living, so to speak. At that point, we are only talking about form, interior design or interior projects. However, The Lifestyle Concept wants to translate that form into a sensory experience. The object that stimulates the senses and creates a sense of well-being simply by looking at it over and over. How do you experience things and what effect do they have on you as a person? In essence, that's what it's all about. The interior ideas and The Lifestyle Concept webshop are an extension of that experience.

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

Multi-layered and subtle

At The Lifestyle Concept we also try to embed spirituality to some extent. Spirituality that weaves itself like a thread through those special objects, The Lifestyle Concept webshop has to offer. After all, you cannot separate spirituality from everyday life. You cannot rage one moment and meditate the next. The Lifestyle Concept supports a multi-layered and subtle philosophy that encompasses beauty and harmony as a constant in life. No new age hocus-pocus, just elevating itself above ordinary life. To cherish life through interior objects such as DekoCandle's mood lights, but also through art such as Elena Diaco Mayer. By the way, you can discover all those things in our brand new The Lifestyle Concept experience appartement in Antwerp. Want to book a night and immerse yourself in the real The Lifestyle Concept atmosphere? You can book your night(s) stay right here.

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Peace and serenity

Anyone browsing through The Lifestyle Concept online interior design store can discover all kinds of extraordinary things. For example, the beautiful Serax Dé by Ann Demeulemeester tableware. For The Lifestyle Concept, however, this is immeasurably more than just cups, plates and cutlery. It is the tactility of the material, the effect of the overflowing colors, but also the special design that stimulates the senses. Details too. An ear of a cup that is not in its usual place. You don't just drink and eat from it. The tableware also makes you think about things that you might have taken for granted, but which turn out to be completely different now. Moreover, all objects in the The Lifestyle Concept webshop radiate an inimitable peace and serenity. They are objects that require attention but also demand to be treated with a certain delicacy. Ready to discover our world ? Come and check us out.

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