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Elena Diaco Mayer: art catalyst of The Lifestyle Concepts' philosophy

Art is an integral part of The Lifestyle Concepts' philosophy. Art as a form of (self-)expression, as a catalyst of The Lifestyle Concepts' vision. To us the Italian artist Elena Diaco Mayer is the perfect embodiement of that vision. That's why we've build a close relationship with this talented artist and feature her work in the TLSCexperienceflat and in the The Lifestyle Concept webshop.

© Photo Courtesy of Elena Diaco Mayer

Elena Diaco Mayer is born in Padua in 1968. She spents her childhood in Florence. She moves to Catanzaro, where she now lives and works as a painter and sculptress. After graduating at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, she does project work in Catanzaro as an advertising graphic and working as a designer - draftsman in an artistic glass factory. From 1993 to 2004 she teaches techniques of ceramic decoration, glass decoration and paper art to adults and disadvantaged people, and coordinates painting workshops for children. Between 2006 and 2007 she attends workshops with various artists, including the sculptor Giuseppe Spagnulo.

© Photo Courtesy of Elena Diaco Mayer

In 2008 she is invited to participate with one of her works in the Second Biennale d'Arte dei Giovani in Bologna, curated by Renato Barilli and Roberto Daolio. In 2009 she graduates with honors in Painting at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Performing Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, focusing in particular on work in the area of ​​contemporary sacred art. This very much reflects in her artistic work that oozes symbolism. Her childhood, while growing up in Florence, makes her acquainted in a natural manner with churches and chapels adorned with golden and silver relics as with Roman and Byzantine iconography.

© Photo Courtesy of Elena Diaco Mayer

Therefore gold and silver are main themes in Elena Diaco Mayers' paintings. Paintings that remove the unnecessary in order to focus on the essence: cleanliness, spirituality and purity. Mayer is also is fascinated with mirrors that heavily influence her work as an artist. Mirrors as a metaphor of self-reflection, as an introspection instrument while enjoying her work. There is so much layered depth in her work that at The Lifestyle Concept, we immediately felt that irresistible click with the subtle art of this talented Italian artist.

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

If you want to gaze at and admire the mesmerising paintings of Elena Diaco Mayer, feel free to drop by at #TLSCexperiencflat, our bed&breakfast/holiday appartment in Antwerp, near 't Eilandje, that also functions as a showroom. (please make an appointment in advance). Like what you see without question ? Good news: The Lifestyle Experience webshop also features some of Elena Diaco Mayers' work.

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