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TLSC How-to: 5 interior tips to impress your guests instantaneously

Impressive interiors are the trademark of The Lifestyle Concept (TLSC). We're talking about those TLSC's distinctive less-is-much-more yet über elegant interiors that make heads turn.

© Photo Courtesy of Studio Italia

Use asymmetric pendant lamps: do you have the luxury of heigh(er) ceilings ? Than try to work with asymmetric lighting elements. They immediately add that glamorous, abundant touch to your interior. Lighting elements can make or break an interior design. So carefully select and choose your ligthing setup. Want to really impress your guests ? Get your lighting plan right. We'd love to help you with that. At TLSC we particularly love (asymmetric) pendant lighting, since it really attracts attention not only on to itself but also as a remarkable visual trigger that gives a definite wow-factor to your interior.

© Photo Courtesy of Arte International

Dress-up your walls: if you want to add extra dash to your interiors, an opulent wallpaper is an excellent choice. In a living space with white walls, just choose one accent wall. That wall will be the wall that you'll use as an eyecatcher to revamp the space. Super brands are Farrow & Ball, Arte International, Elitis or Moooi. Check them out and be amazed. Those are the typical brands that have extraordinary wall decoration with amazingly attractive, unusual patterns and dito colors and designs. Nature inspired, exotic or vintage: you'll have an abundance of choices with colorful designs that will turn your walls into beautiful works of art.

© Photo Courtesy of XVL

Incorporate unique furniture: consider investing in a distinguishing piece of furniture that has a truly unique design and make it the centerpiece of your interior. Make it a focal point by placing it in an area that your guests will easily notice. For instance, in The Lifestyle Experience Flat (TLSCxperienceflat) in Antwerp, that we've decorated following the TLSC DNA, the XVL Avenue lounge element immediately attracts the attention. It has that definite cosmopolitan look and feel that never goes unnoticed.

Decorate with XL-greenery: large, exotic plants are a great way to give every interior/exterior an awe inducing effect. Arrange a couple of large plants in the hallway or place them in your living room or on your terrace within eyesight. Want some inspiration on which plants could serve as true eye catchers. Check out our offer in the web shop with some lush and luxurious green plants and trees. If you want to elevate your home interior/exterior to new heights (even on a budget), greenery is the way to go.

Photo Courtesy of Minotti

Adopt openness: spacious volumes always generate a strong(er) impact, even in smaller homes. At its most essential form, this could be a double door between to adjacent spaces that is left open. If you have more options, ask your interior architect to add some windows or rearrange the floor plan of (certain parts) in your home. Or, add an XL-painting on a prominent wall. So many options to choose from. Don't know where to start ? Come find us over at The Lifestyle Concept and you'd be amazed what we could accomplish together.

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