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5 expert tips to quickly give your interior a luxurious upgrade

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends. Famous quote which is also true for your interior. Sure, you need a comfortable sofa to relax in. Fair enough. But taking it a step further and create that vibrant space wit nifty little (or big) details : that's a mastery which the interior experts of The Lifestyle Concept (TLSC) take seriously. And here we've got 5 expert tips to prove it.

© Photo Courtesy of @TLSCExperience Flat made by SUPERSterk

Shed some (luxurious) light: wanna up your interior game in no time ? Then go for candles. They're more than light. They are little bundles of joy and cosiness. They're warm, relaxing and comforting. Therefore, they're perfect to shed some light in the dark corners of your living space(s). The moving light of the candles casts intriguing shadows on the walls. Just nice. Check out the TLSC webshop for some pretty amazing examples such as the Piet Boon Fragrance candle for Serax. Put them in a design lantern and you've got yourself an instant dose of splendour right inside your home. The TLSC webshop has some very pretty lanterns from Dekocandle.

Flowers:do you remember that relaxing saturday morning, browsing through some interior glossy's and wondered why all these interiors look so posh ? Then think again because there's something that's almost always present in those seductive interiors: flowers. Just buy yourself a lovely bouqet of flowers (it doesn't matter if it is winter or summer) and put them in a shiny copper vase right in the middle of your coffee table in the living room. Now, how about that ?

© Photo Courtesy of XVL

Mirror, mirror on the wall: mirrors are marvels. They create space in compact volumes, room to breath, to look at yourself and your loved ones. But above all they add some notches to the luxurious aspect of your home. Mirrors have that distinctive character that can boost an interior right away. The bigger, the better. Mirros are mundaine. They infuse your interior with a serious dose of richness. Here's one you might like: the Mirror Reflex from XVL. It's just so beatiful.


Books: nothing oozes more luxury than some random disposed coffeetable books. Not just your regular ones. No, choose those XXL versions from for exemple publisher Taschen. They're just so amazing and intriguing and immediately transform you home into a lavish place where your guests will be intrigued by their looks and content.

© Photo Courtesy of Elena Diaco Mayer

Let's get arty: art speaks where words are unable to explain. A strategically positioned painting on a spacious white wall can do miracles. Paintings are strange objects. You have to fit them onto your interior just like you put on a new coat and check out how it looks. Just wander around with the painting inside your home an put or hang it somewhere. Then, try to feel the energy at that particular place. Once you've done the grand tour, you will be able to pinpoint the exact place where it should be. Looking for some great inspiration ? Then go see our awesome collection of Elena Diaco Mayer paintings.

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