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5 interior design trends that will define 2021

Edgy interiors that do not look sensitive to trends, but are always in tune with the latest movements in the field of indoor/outdoor design. Such interiors are an inseparable part of The Lifestyle Concept's DNA. At TLSC, we therefore have already mapped out a number of clear interior trends for 2021 that perfectly match our DNA as interior designers. These trends will help determine the total look of our customers' interior projects.

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1. Sustainability: in 2021 we will all go even more for sustainability in the interior / exterior. Sustainability as in choosing high-quality furniture that, as in the past, can even be passed on from generation to generation. Also interior items that attach great importance to the principle of the circular economy. Wooden furniture with a PEFC label such as the 'Be Farm Table' by designer Stéphane Lebrun, candles from natural wax, ... In short, in 2021 at TLSC we are opting more than ever for solutions in our interior projects, interior design and interior decoration that don't just look beautiful but that are also ecologically sound. After all, at TLSC we also want to leave the planet behind in a cleaner way than we were allowed to use it (temporarily).

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2. Worldly atmospheres: the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many people no longer able or willing to travel, at least not to faraway destinations. In 2021, we therefore want to compensate for this in our interior/exterior. This includes vibrant wall decoration, furniture in exotic woods but also, for example, a shell wreath on a tripod, a set of decorative ceramic pots or other worldly accents.

3. Japandi: 2021 is all about the Japandi trend. Put to practice the Japandi trend stands for interior atmospheres that are a combination of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism. Result is an interior that is a universe where a feeling of art and nature is mixed with simplicity and sobriety. This fusion approach creates the perfect blend of function and form like with the gorgeous three-seater called... 'Three seater' van Bea Mombaers for Serax thereby focusing on clean interiors, bright spaces with lots of natural daylight and light, soothing color accents. Japandi features beautiful craftsmanship with a focus on quality, natural and handmade pieces that are build to last like for example the tablelamp from Atelier Antoine Callebaut or the 'In the Wind' lamp from Arihiro Miyake.

4. Dreaminess: it seems as if we had to temporarily put our dreams on hold in 2020. That's why in 2021 we want to start dreaming indoors more than ever. We do that for example through a contrasting set of painting like the works of Elena Diaco Mayer. We also embellish the bedroom more than ever. It almost seems like we want it to look like a hotel room with that typical luxurious edge. A breakfast in bed with beautiful crockery from, for example, Dé Tableware by Ann Demeulemeester for Serax with some candles in elegant tea lights from Dekocandle. More than ever, we want to dream from faraway destinations in the privacy of our own home.

5. Outdoor living: the successive lock downs and strict exit measures due to Covid-19 have made the need for outdoor living in and around our own home higher than ever. That means fully equipped outdoor areas with sumptuous lounge combinations, ponds and terraces where you can linger around a fire bowl by the outdoor kitchen. You can also add the necessary greenery such as a citrus tree that spreads delicious aromas or a bunch of cypress trees to create an Italian atmosphere. We have had to stay indoors for too long and now the outdoors is luring us more than ever. Even in the spring and autumn when the summer is far away, in 2021 we will long for cozy outdoor living.

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