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5 beautiful interior designs explained

At The Lifestyle Concept (TLSC), when designing an interior project, we always start from feelings, ideas and insights coming from our customers. For example, what are their favorite materials? Do they opt for light colors or rather dark tones? Do they want openness or do they prefer intimate spaces? Reflecting on that, these 5 gorgeous interior styles reoccur frequently in TLSC design projects.

Scandinavian: this has become a very popular interior style which will get even more traction in 2021. Probably due to the global health crisis that forced us to pull back from a lavish, everything-is-possible and luxurious lifestyle to a more authentic, close to nature style. Returning back to essence, getting reacquainted is the theme of the Scandinavian interior style. White plank floors, reindeer skin, lots of wood such as the Table 'Be Farm' from Stéphane Lebrun or 'Swing' chairs also from Stéphane Lebrun and clean spaces. Quintessence is the 'Hygge' lifestyle (pronounced 'hue-guh') that acknowledges a feeling or moment - whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary - as cosy, charming or special. This all about lifestyle, not necessary about acquiring new interior stuff or more decoration. It is all about adopting a way of life which is close to nature. It should include a crackling fire or at least lots of candles and wind lights such as those from Dekocandle.

Ibiza chic: with this sun drenched Balearic island in mind, serious chill vibes and airy spaces are of the essence. The Ibiza look starts with a white canvas. White walls to reflect the sun but also to create that lush, outdoorsy atmosphere. An Ibiza chic style interior should reflect an ephemeral holiday like ambience. Balearic elements such as boho chic deco (some colourful pottery, candles such as the Piet Boon Fragrance candle for Serax and lush cushions) set the scene for a setting full of sun, sea and relaxation. The Ibiza interior is characterized by the use of natural and nautical materials such as a gorgeous shell collar. Also think of a wool rug on a (natural) stone floor, (vintage) wooden furniture such as the table 'Be Farm' from Stéphane Lebrun, linen bedding, rattan lamps, stools and baskets as essential mood makers. Add a few rocks, branches and other beach finds to top it off. Other Ibiza style interior elements: braided baskets, scintillating poufs and exotic plants from the island.

Natural: this is a style that covers many interpretations. Yet at TLSC we have a very clear picture in mind when we develop a rural interior for our customers. Often the design of the furniture has a sober, functional nature. However, that does not mean it cannot be cosy, on the contrary. Rural interiors are characterized by round shapes such as the legs of tables and chairs. Colours greige (soft combination of beige and grey) or cream. Sofas are comfortable, snugly and often have rounded shapes too. Fabrics concisest of wool, linen and snug plaids. The chairs in a rural interior are no seldom covered with natural motifs or natural upholstery fabrics. Sofas that we often integrate are 'ear chairs', in order to have for example a sweet reading corner . Tableware such as Dé by Ann Demeulemeester for Serax.

Urban Chic/Cosmopolitan: these kind of interiors always radiate a mundane chic. They look sophisticated with a touch of unorganised elegance. Add to that for example a butterfly chair with a seating in black and white cowhide and your have that urban vibe that gives you modernity yet abundant cosiness. The S71 lamp is the perfect lighting adornment of this urban chic interior. Urban chic styling is cosmopolitan, modern, minimalist design at its best. Handsome and contemporary, this look is often seen in boutique hotels and luxury apartments. Plain walls and fabrics form coordinated colour schemes that feature artwork to tie the interior scheme together. Accent walls with luxurious wall decoration from, let's say, Arte International only add to that sophistication. Furniture and interior elements tend to have a straight-line design that breathes style and simplicity. Wall colours seem to match furniture colours. A dark brown chair, for example, fits nicely with light brown walls, just like black furniture fits well with white walls. Some high-end artwork should be included in order to outline a creative, abundant atmosphere.

Industrial: as you might guess, industrial interiors often consist of no frills, rudimentary spaces. Industrial interiors have a sense of old factory buildings. The tough, robust feel is strongly reflected in this style. Remarkable about this interior style is that it distinguishes a dark, rugged vintage variant and a light(er), tight(er) robust variant. Depending on your taste, you can style this look according to your wishes. Tables or chairs with iron supports enforce the industrial interior atmosphere while pipes (from heating, water, ...) stay visible on purpose. Brick walls are brought forward, floors are frequently finished with polished concrete. Lighting elements such as the Nemo 'In The Wind' lamp from Arihiro Miyake accentuate the compressed atmosphere. Windows are regularly finished in black (or white) wrought iron. We like to add tight accents such as the Star Coffee Table (also exists in a kitchen table version) or the Mirror 'Reflex' from XVL.

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