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TLSC wishes you a year full of happiness and wellbeing

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021. It was an exceptional year in many ways. But at TLSC, we're looking forward to a year full of exciting (interior) projects, together with you. Maybe we'll even welcome you in our very own TLSCxperienceflat in Antwerpen, with a good cup of coffee or latte . So you can live out the true Lifestyle Concept experience. Lots of promising stuff for the year to come. Are you ready ?

A house is not a home

2020 has been peculiar year in more than one way. But at TLSC, we're known for our pragmatic approach to things. Even during crisis times. When the going get's tough, the tough get going. Although, we're not that tough. From time to time we even get very emotional. Because the business we're in demands emotionality. You have to feel connected to the interior objects and interior projects you deliver and create for your customers. At TLSC, we do. It's not mathematics, it's all about the space(s) we live in, the house that you've made your home.

Secret friend

It might seem strange but discussing your interior projects with TLSC, puts you in a very vulnerable spot. It's like telling some kind of secret to a friend. Telling somebody about your dreamhome, puts you on the spot. As a customer you're letting us into the intimacy of your own life. That's a good thing because at TLSC, that's exactly where we want to be. In that universe where emotions, dreams and expertise come together. Where we can put our knowledge to work based on emotions, aspirations and larger than life (interio) plans.

Extra mile

Therefore in 2021 at TLSC, we will walk the extra extra mile (no, that's not a typo. We really mean extra extra) That means searching for rich, timeless objects and dwelling on lots of new ideas to realise. We're not going for the same old routine. Sure, at The Lifestyle Concept we have a particular house style, yet we always invent new angles on our existing themes. We want to keep it fresh and surprising. Appeal to your deepest emotions. Because that is what perfectly conceived interior creations should do.

Perfect interiors

Therefore, in 2021 we will continue to seek the trust of you, our customers, while doing the best to excel in what we're good at: translate your thoughts and ideas into perfect interiors/exteriors. Populate the TLSC webshop with lots of extraordinary objects. So you can build your perfect cocoon, just as you like it. Our expertise is there to back it up. We're ready for 2021 and we hope you do too. Everything starts with a lovely talk. Just come and see us, and some magical things might happen. Because in life, every now and then, we all need some magic. The Lifestyle Concept.

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