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4 Christmas interior trends that will delight you

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

These four Holiday Season interior trends, carefully selected by The Lifestyle Concept, will without any doubt delight your Christmas and New Year's eve. Happy Holidays !

Less is much more: we've been stripped of our normal lifes. No Holiday Season at far, exotic destinations or exuberant Christmas tables wit the whole family around a crackling fire. Therefore many of us are looking for simplicity and cosiness and no overcomplicated dishes or dining settings. These things are a reflection of a back-to-basics spirit: warm windlights, scented candles, a fine plaid and some winter flower bouquet to embellish our living spaces. Centerpiece is an attractive Christmas tree full of lights that gives us support in these rather difficult times.

© Photo SUPERSTERK Agency

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

Stylish neutrals: the current pandemic sets the scene for a more discrete Holiday Season. White neutrals replace the typical Holiday Season greens and reds. The best Christmas decor for 2020 is the kind that matches a color scheme that soothes and relaxes. Let's face it: the usuals festive aesthetics of abundance don't really fit the current state the world is in. Matching colours are: white, blue (Navy Blue being the Pantone color of 2020), silver/gold but also natural wood tones. They will look just as festive as more traditional Christmas colors. It's almost as if we don't like to pretend that nothing is wrong with the world. Therefore all these more neutral colours express hope, pureness and healing.

Nordic luxury: a Nordic scheme is a winner for the Holiday Season, conjuring up images of snowy landscapes and cozy, hygge interiors full of flickering candlelights. It's like you invite a snowy atmosphere right into your home. Real candles in the Christmas tree are dangerous, but simple enough you might find some led alternatives to spruce up the Christmas tree. Now, sit down on cuddly white pillows in a circle around the Christmas tree and enjoy a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. A must are animal skins on the living floor. Centerpiece could be the Nemo - Crown Major - Jesh + Laub to lighten up a dark corner or the Memory floor lamp by Stéphane Lebrun.

Color pop: maybe you don't want to tune down on colours in your interior during the Holiday Season. Instead you're looking to treat your small family bubble with lots of funky colours. That's because you might not want the classic Christmas hues (red, green, ...) but still have the urge for colours that warm your heart and soul and create a festive atmosphere. Why not go in the complete opposite direction and embellish your home with some bold and lively colours ? You might forget that strange Christmas feeling we all have this year in the blink of an eye.

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