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TLSCexperienceflat: luxurious bed&breakfast in Antwerp

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Imagine a classy apartment, all to yourself in one of the trendiest areas of Antwerp: Het Eilandje. TLSCexperienceflat offers this sumptuous accomodation in order to experience The Lifestyle Concept philosophy. Staying and living in style near the Godefriduskaai in a beautiful bed & breakfast in Antwerp ? The Lifystyle Concept welcomes you!

Photo © SUPERSTERK* Agency

Coming home

Looking for a bed & breakfast in Antwerp or an (apart)hotel in Antwerp where you can cook your own meals? TLSCexperienceflat is ready for you. Our guests too are ready and very enthusiastic about the concept. 'It's a bit like coming home to a different place', it invariably sounds. Everything is made accordingly. The moody lanterns from DekoCandle, the 'Grand Siècle' chandelier from Axis71, the decorative elements from Serax, but also the spacious king-size box spring in the intimate bedroom. Anyone who knows The Lifestyle Concept knows that we take care of everything down to the last detail.

Photo © SUPERSTERK* Agency

Live like a local

The location of TLSCexperienceflat is ideal. You stay (and live) near 't Eilandje, a stone's throw from the bustling city center of Antwerp. You can easily reach the city with a (shared) bicycle. Just type 'Velo 129 - Godefriduskaai' in Google Maps and you can ride your shared bike. The bicycle depot is barely a 5-minute walk from TLSCexperienceflat. You can of course also walk. In fifteen minutes you can stroll through numerous trendy neighborhoods from 't Stad towards the Meir, the beating heart of the city. Live like a real Antwerp citizen in a luxurious and intimate spot in the city. TLSCexperienceflat bed & breakfast in Antwerp, near the Godefriduskaai welcomes you!

Photos © SUPERSTERK* Agency

TLSCexperienceflat is also a place where you can completely withdraw in peace. You live and enjoy yourself among the the real citizens of Antwerp. It is also wonderful to relax on the cozy TLSCexperienceflat terrace while enjoying a glass of wine and some candlelight. In the shadow of the MAS you will stay tastefully, luxuriously and comfortably, tailor-made for you by the interior experts of The Lifestyle Concept. Do you not (yet) know what The Lifestyle Concept stands for? We are a Belgian, all-round design studio that takes a holistic approach to interior design, but especially also to the interior experience. The Lifestyle Concept extends that experience to food, drinks, but also art, music and much more.

We would like to inform you that many interior elements that you will be able to discover in TLSCexperienceflat are also for sale. Do you see something you like during your stay at TLSCexperienceflat? Do not hesitate to inquire us or surf to the webshop of The Lifestyle Concept. See you soon hopefully.

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