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7 supertips to style your home like The Lifestyle Concept

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

1. Start from your feelings: many people who want to get started with a new interior sit down at the drawing table and start sketching. At The Lifestyle Concept we always start from emotion. What feeling do you want to evoke (for yourself) when you are in your new interior? Try to imagine what the spaces will look like but also what the materials you would like to choose, feel like. What effect could those materials have on you? That is very important. Just because a material is trendy doesn't mean it suits you. Think about it carefully. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in your new interior.

2. Choose intimacy and serenity: the interiors of The Lifestyle Concept are invariably synonymous with peace and harmony. Something that characterizes our interiors is the subtly subdued atmosphere. They are never lavish, but instead exude calm, balance, timelessness and a certain luxury.

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

3. Go for an opulent atmosphere: a spherical table top in warm Emperador Dark marble, the sofa chair 'Tornade' from XVL, an Antoine Callebaut table lamp, the Gaby chair also from XVL, atmospheric lanterns from Dekocandle, the breathtaking 'Grand Siècle' chandelier by Axis71 or also Dé Tableware by Ann Demeulemeester for Serax: these are interior elements that form the pivot of The Lifestyle Concept interiors.

4. Create a mood board: before you get started with the (re) styling of your interior, it is best to do your homework for a few weeks. This consists of browsing through (online) interior magazines, visiting interior websites and photographing things that you encounter during a city trip or during a hotel stay, for example. Collect all those things on a digital mood board. Pinterest is a nice place to do that. As soon as you can clearly define your own style, based on the mood board you have put together, you can also get started in practice.

5. Everything in the right place: if you stay in an interior of The Lifestyle Concept, you know that every piece of furniture, every lighting element or decorative object has its exact place. There is a sophisticated atmosphere and warmth. In other words: The Lifestyle Concept interiors are put together like an elegant jigsaw puzzle, without appearing artificial or over the top. You feel in a natural way that the overall interior experience is spot on and oozes a distinguished savoir-vivre.

© Photo SUPERSTERK* Agency

6. Textures: textures are very important to generate atmosphere and warmth in an interior. Texture can be brought into an interior with selected fabrics in for example velvet, luxurious wall decoration like Arte International, a table or counter top in rubberwood (sustainable wood from the rubber tree), a plaid in mohair or XL-cushions in lush, woolen fabrics.

7. A dash of music: music is an integral part of The Lifestyle Concept interior design experience. Did you know that at The Lifestyle Concept we have put together a Spotify playlist with music that really does justice to our interiors? Check it out for sure.

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